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Only 50% of the products tested by us met the European standards. This means that, statistically, every second product in our homes does not meet the consumption standards for people.

Customers are more and more interested in what they buy. They read the labels, analyze the ingredients, pay attention tocertificates and they would like to only buy verified products. The information they are looking for must be simple, transparent, understandable and should include the most important facts to them,
but above all, it must be credible. 

FoodRentgen meets those expectations.

FoodRentgen Program

Good products'


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We are looking for the best products on the market in terms of label cleanliness and positive laboratory results that we call Good Products.



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Producers of good products have the opportunity to participate in the FoodRentgen Program, which means transparency for consumers and regular check-ups.

Tested products'


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The good products that are in the program are marked with the FoodRentgen mark.
It is on the product packaging and is a quality symbol.

How do we do it - giving the FoodRentgen mark

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good product

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How do we verify products?

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Clean label

We carefully analyse the composition of the products and choose the ones that are friendly (no food additives, flavour enhancers, dyes, preservatives) We follow the thought: "The simpler the composition - the better product"

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FoodRentgen scale

FoodRentgen Scale (Rating) - indicates the level of undesirable substances in the food. Due to increasing environmental pollution and increasingly intensive farming, we check food for residues of pesticides and heavy metals. For each parameter we mark a quality level from + to ++++. For products with a clean label whose manufacturers have joined the FoodRentgen Program, we do an additional analysis by giving a general rating from Food ++ to Food ++++ in accordance with the adopted methodology.

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FoodRentgen Mark

Products with a clean label that have been rated FoodRentgen Quality Scale from Food ++ to Food ++++, and additionally their producers participate in the Program, are distinguished by the FoodRentgen mark.

Our initiatives


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Inventity Foundation is a Polish Think Tank, an independent opinion-forming research and development center operating at the interface between research and educational institutions, business and the public sector.


Polish Investment Fund (PIF) is a venture capital fund specialized in investing in the projects related to ecology, services and new technologies. PIF support enterprises from the earliest stages of development, through growth to the stage of full maturity.

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The Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice is the official research partner of the FoodRentgen Program.

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FoodRentgen SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL is our authority. A group of independent specialists supporting the FoodRentgen Program.
Among others, they consult the scope of tests conducted for each product. They advise on how to navigate the world of science, a world difficult to access for an average consumer.

Media patronage:

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